Vanessa Elese | Makeup Artist | Beauty Expert

Become an Icon of Beauty

All of Vanessa's services are luxuriously designed to accommodate you in the comfort of your home.

Reveal: With an exclusive makeup session, enhance your magnitude of beauty for special occasions and let everyone take notice. (*makeup application)

Manifest: Combine your makeover with a step-by-step approach showing you how to accomplish your unique makeover on your own. The power to achieve is in your hands. (Makeup Lesson-Additional Service Add-on to "Reveal".)

Unveil: Integrate new artistry skills & build a makeup bag of new essentials tailored exclusively for you with Vanessa's one-on-one expert guidance and the industry's hidden secrets helping you to realize your true beauty. (Includes: *makeup lesson, *product recommendation)

Tailor: Overcome any routine and explore your potential. Take your makeup bag out of the rut. Clean out the old, enhance with the new and learn to recreate your refreshed look exuding your natural beauty. (Includes: *cleaning, *lesson, *product recommendations, *makeover)

Le Maven: Override your current makeup bag, enhancing with the top cosmetics personally tailored to you. With Vanessa's one-on-one assistance, overcome your routines and get ready to select your new products together at your local luxury beauty boutique. It's the final touch-avoid the sales pitch, walking away with your perfect combinations. Know where you need to go and what you need to get to continue looking your best. (Includes: *cleaning, *lesson, *product recommendation, *personal shopping experience, *makeover)

The Icon: There's no need to lift a finger with our luxury service that delivers everything to you! Learn how to achieve your look with step-by-step guidance, tailoring what you have that works, with a professionally packed makeup bag enhancing your look with new additions and the lesson to help achieve your new looks. (Includes: *consultation, *cleaning, * "pro-bag" (recommended product filled bag delivered to you!), *lesson, *application, *makeover) -service does not include purchase price of products-

Gift Cards: SURPRISE someone you cherish with the gift of discovering their true beauty.